E3 2020 May Turn Into Festival After ESA Announce New Potential Changes

E3 has made a pretty big change over the past few years. Originally, E3 was meant as a way for developers and publishers to announce what they have come down the pipe to retailers. This also shifted to media outlets in order to get the word out for potential consumers, but with the internet, news of what’s coming out into the market has become seamless. As a result, E3 has shifted its purpose and as more publishers decide to skip out of the event, it seems that there is a new focus of bringing out more consumers to the expo.

The ESA has recently sent out a pitch for what E3 could be as early as 2020. This expo is turning more into a festival with less focus on media and more with the consumers that attend. As a result, you may see less press conferences to showcase what’s coming out which again, the likes of Nintendo and Sony have done. This duo has used livestreams online to showcase short conferences rather than using a live conference.

Outside of adding more consumers to attend the convention center, E3 may have to change the floor plans. In the pitch, it seems that the floor will host experiences which will likely feature celebrities to further hype up the overall show. There’s a big push to bring in profits, but the question right now is if this will cause certain publishers to leave the E3 expo at least in terms of the big show reveals.

Right now, this is only a pitch and its not a done deal yet. What do you think of the changes, would you like E3 to turn into a festival for consumers to attend or would you like things to remain the same right now?

Source: Gamedaily