Sony Has A New Director Choice For Uncharted Film Adaptation

When it comes to video game film adaptations, there are quite a few misses than there are hits. Still, that doesn’t stop the movie industry for trying to make some films from a variety of popular game franchises. For Sony, their biggest upcoming video game film adaptation happens to the PlayStation exclusive, Uncharted. Naughty Dog has brought out four mainline installments to the series and now the focus is to see a Nathan Drake on the big screen.

Uncharted is a massively popular video game franchise and it may have been a reason to pick up the likes of a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4. However, there has been plenty of work for this franchise outside of its video game installments. For years now, Sony has been trying to bring Uncharted out to the film industry and for a good while the leading man to take the helm of Nathan Drake has been Mark Wahlberg. After time went by to bring this movie into a real blockbuster hit, Mark was eventually pushed into an older role of Sully while the next leading actor to take the role of Nathan Drake has been Tom Holland who is best known for currently portraying Spider-Man in the Marvel cinematic universe.

For now, it seems that Sony is hoping to bring Ruben Fleischer to direct the film according to The Hollywood Reporter. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any negotiations just yet on the film with the new director so it’s anyone’s guess as to if we will see Fleischer take the film or not. Likewise, we’ve seen quite a few directors come and go for the film so we shouldn’t hold our breath on if this will be the final director to take on the project. 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter