Latest Director Drops Uncharted Movie After Scheduling Conflicts 

Uncharted is a huge video game franchise. After being created by development studio Naughty Dog, we have followed the Uncharted franchise since the days of the PlayStation 3. Now that we are moving on to the PlayStation 5, it seems that Naughty Dog has officially wrapped up the video game series. What is not being wrapped up is a movie adaptation. 

For years now we’ve been hearing about a potential Uncharted movie. One of the leading actors to take the role of Nathan Drake was at one point Mark Wahlberg who has since been moved from Nathan Drake to the older mentor, Sully. However, the thing that really seems to put a wrench in the gears for this film is landing a director. 

The latest director for the film was Travis Knight who you may be familiar with from his time directing the Bumblebee movie. Sony had the director take over the Uncharted movie where Tom Holland, the actor who portrays Spider-Man, was taking on the role of a young Nathan Drake. While the two actors are remaining in their roles, we are waiting to see who will be directing the film next.

This also will cause the studio to push the production back. Originally, the movie was set to premiere in December of this year. However, with the scheduling conflicts, the movie will be pushed back to 2021. Information is still scarce at the moment, but it does seem that there is quite a bit of trouble to get a director to stay.

Likewise, there is another problem that may sway some directors from the project. Most video game movie adaptations are not well received. However, Uncharted has been considered a video game that feels like a cinematic movie. As a result, this could be a solid film adaptation but only time will tell if this movie ever gets made.

Source: Deadline