Nintendo Announces Super Mario Maker 2 Reaches 10 Million Playable Courses

Nintendo has taken to Twitter to announce that Super Mario Maker 2 has reached 10 million playable courses. Talk about an impressive milestone! Check out the announcement tweet down below:

The announcement comes as no surprise as the community for the game has been very active since the release of the game. In only a month of release, the game already had reached 2 million playable courses.

Super Mario Maker 2 was released to a flourish of positive reviews for its unique level design thanks to the community’s ever-evolving creativity. Pretty much anything you think of can be a level that often leads to fun, chaotic gameplay. The game has been out since October and fans have been sinking their teeth deep into different aspects of the game.

With the sequel, Nintendo opted to go in and deliver even more tools and visual styles for players to enjoy and since the franchise was already a hit with the first installment, it was going to be an easy sell for this sequel when it came out into the market in June of this year.

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Source: Nintendo Twitter