Super Mario Maker 2 Already Has Over Two Million Levels Created

Nintendo released one of the more anticipated video game titles of this year, Super Mario Maker 2. The video game is a side-scrolling platform that acts much like its predecessor Super Mario Maker. This title puts players into the seat of a level designer as they are given all the necessary tools to craft unique levels based on the Super Mario Bros franchise. With the sequel, Nintendo opted to go in and deliver even more tools and visual styles for players to enjoy and since the franchise was already a hit with the first installment, it was going to be an easy sell for this sequel when it came out into the market in June of this year.

Now that the game is out, players have been quick to create their own levels for others to enjoy. In fact, these players have been hard at work. According to a recent Tweet made by the official Nintendo account, the video game was already surpassing two million unique levels. That means there are already endless levels to enjoy if you pick the game up right now and even more is bound to be created. However, that doesn’t mean that these levels are the most polished to have released. This is just a number thrown out by Nintendo to alert their followers with the number of courses that were uploaded so far.

With that said, it’s a good indicator that fans are having plenty of fun with the latest installment and with it only been out for less than a month, we imagine that number is about to rise immensely. If you have yet to check the game out, Super Mario Maker 2 is available right now exclusively to the Nintendo Switch platform.

Source: Twitter, Game Informer