New Deepfake Death Stranding Trailer Stars Only Hideo Kojima

Famed game developer and icon in the gaming industry, Hideo Kojima, have just released his first post-Konami title in the form of Death Stranding and it seems fans are loving it so far.

The game is filled with A-list actors that range from Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, and Guillermo Del Toro. However, thanks to YouTuber iFake, a new trailer for the highly anticipated game have been released, but instead of using any of the aforementioned actors, iFake replaces every one with a Deepfake version of Hideo Kojima!

The trailer will have you laughing at times, as there will be serious moments in the trailer, however it will be hard to take it serious with Hideo Kojima starting back at you. If you want a good laugh make sure to check it out down below:

Check out the hilarious Death Stranding trailer starring Hideo Kojima as every character down below:

Death Stranding is finally here, the long-awaited game from Hideo Kojima is released and players are finally getting to experience the epic title that is Death Stranding. Sony recently released a slew of great beginner tips for anyone looking to jump into the game with some prior knowledge, and if you want to check them out, click here.

If you want one last look at the game to hype you up before jumping into the official release of the game, the 8-minute launch trailer for the highly anticipated title is truly epic! The trailer gives players plenty of new looks at the game, which includes new gameplay, a ton of new character plot points, and new environments. Check out the launch trailer for Death Stranding, right here!

Death Stranding is now available for the PlayStation 4. Are you excited to finally get your hands on the game? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube via Kotaku