PlayStation Details Helpful Tips for Death Stranding Ahead of its Launch

Death Stranding is finally almost upon us, only a couple of more hours for some people to get their hands on the long-awaited Hideo Kojima title!

With a ton of excitement buzzing in the gaming community, players might want to take a few minutes to check out the recently released detailed tips for the upcoming game. Being known for his crazy ideas, and his genius way of storytelling, players should have some idea of what they’re getting themselves into before picking up the game.

Brett Elston Social Media Manager at SIE took to the PlayStation Blog to detail some very helpful tips for those who want to make sure they hit the ground running and not be stuck in the opening hours of the game. The provided tips detail gameplay elements surrounding fighting BTs, delivering cargo, and much more!

Check out the full set of tips for Death stranding provided by the PlayStation Blog down below:

Delivery Tips

Death Stranding - 08
  • Once you have the resources to make multiple deliveries per trip, hit ‘em hard. Delivering requested goods will often unlock enhanced tools, fun cosmetic options, interesting plot points with survivors, and an increased chiral connection for that area. The stronger the connection, the more chiral bandwidth that’s available for online structures like bridges, roads, watchtowers, and more. These structures can turn previously arduous treks into simple trips, and it’s all thanks to you and other Death Stranding players making those deliveries.
  • Whether you’re delivering requested goods or lost cargo found in the wild, these will net you Likes that increase your reputation as a transporter. As this rating rises, your cargo capacity (among other things) will improve. Give a little, get a little!
  • Anytime you’re on the move, you should have an open order. Always have something on your back, on the bike, or in the truck. If you’re especially generous, steal a MULE truck and start loading it with all their ill-gotten goods for huge Santa Claus-style deliveries up and down the highway.
  • Speaking of the highway, auto pavers demand a lot of resources, but you’ll be rolling in Likes if you activate a section. As other players make use of the highly convenient path, you’ll receive notifications and Likes, yet another sign that you’re not rebuilding America alone.
  • Find a spot that needs a ladder or rope anchor? You could replicate your own at a base, sure, but also check out online postboxes, MULE postboxes (and MULEs themselves) and share lockers. The whole world is playing alongside you, so odds are someone tossed a ladder your way. The same goes for transportation – borrow someone else’s reverse-trike, but down the line maybe toss one of your own in there to return the favor.
  • Have too much stuff, but still want to grab more? Try locating a Postbox where you can securely stash items out in the wild, then return when you have a vehicle or more carrying capacity.

Handling Your Cargo

Death Stranding
  • When accepting deliveries, be mindful of how many items are in the order. Some requests may contain one lightweight object, while others could include a dozen hefty containers best suited for a vehicle.
  • Optimize your cargo load. Initially, this means being mindful of which items are stacked on your back versus attached to brackets on your shoulders and hips. Later on, use vehicles, pouches and other gear to efficiently balance your load.
  • Even if you can bear the weight, consider the height of all those packages. Cargo can poke outside of cover, compromising your position to MULEs, and ladders extend a bit higher when hung on your tool rack instead of on your back. Making sharp turns can also be tricky if you’re overloaded. Recklessness can lead to tumbles and damaged cargo.
  • L2 and R2 are lifesavers! Maintaining balance is key, but these steadying motions also let you regain stamina while in waist-deep water or during a steep climb.

Battling BTs

Death Stranding - 32
  • Early on, avoiding BTs is crucial. The world just doesn’t have a surefire way to deal with them in a combat situation. So, keep your eyes on your Odradek scanner. It points ‘em out and spins like crazy when they’re near. Hold your breath and walk slowly to sneak on by. Successfully sneak by without an encounter and your connection to BB can improve too.
  • If you’re grabbed, you can break free or let them drag you into battle. Taking down one of the larger BTs will shower the area in chiral crystals and vanquish the whole BT zone for a short period. If you have the appropriate weapons, it’s a nice way to obtain crystals and clear out the area.
  • Have a speed skeleton or a reverse trike? You can probably outrun the encounter altogether. But if your bike is gobbled up, make sure to come back after the tar subsides – your goods will still be there.
  • Make sure you’re using the shower and restroom facilities when you stay in a private room. Believe it or not, your support team will, uh, make use of your time in there to create some handy items.
  • Finally, make those deliveries! You never know who might come up with a new way to combat BTs or make your life easier in some other way.

Minding Mules

Death Stranding
  • Watch for yellow poles. These sensors ping your package locations, revealing your location to cargo-obsessed MULEs. Avoid the poles at all costs, and get ready to break line of sight or hide in tall grass if you set one off.
  • Make use of scattered watchtowers (or make your own) to keep a vigilant eye out for MULE encampments. These guys want your packages, and they can sour a promising delivery mission fast.
  • Serpentine! Move unpredictably when outrunning MULEs, as their electrified spears can knock your packages loose. Same goes for vehicles, which can be temporarily decommissioned from MULE electrical attacks.
  • Bola to freedom. If you’re swarmed by multiple MULEs, lean on the Bola gun to bind up immediate threats. Don’t dally, though, as more MULE baddies are usually on the way.
  • If you’re about to raid a MULE camp for a mission (or just to take what you can), consider going in without any delivery cargo on hand. Bring weapons, but leave lots of space for that sweet, sweet cargo you’ll obtain by infiltrating their base.

In related news, Hideo Kojima recently released an 8-minute launch trailer for the highly anticipated title! The trailer gives players plenty of new looks at the game, which includes new gameplay, a ton of new character plot points, and new environments. However, I would note that if you’re trying to go into Death stranding as blind as possible, I would skip the trailer. If you want to check out the epic launch trailer, click here!

Death Stranding is set to release for the PlayStation 4 this weekend on November 8th. Are you excited to finally get your hands on the game? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PS Blog