Sony Releases New Commercial Featuring Our Beloved Characters Colliding

Sony has been on a roll this week with creating entertaining advertisements and commercials and today has been no different. A brand new commercial dropped today and it is epic, to say the least. Before we spoil anything about it, be sure to watch it down below first.

The short one-minute commercial brings together beloved characters from this generation including the iconic Crash Bandicoot, treasure hunter Nathan Drake, and the Spartan Kratos allowing them to all interact in their own unique way.

The commercial’s closing shot is one for the books, as it collages literally over 15 Sony characters as the frame pans out. Can we get a framed portrait of the closing shot? It’s glorious! Who would have thought seeing Crash and Nathan Drake on screen together would be this special?

As mentioned above, Sony has been on a roll with these new ads, and over the weekend Sony and Rick and Morty teamed up to release a hilarious new short trailer for the upcoming title Death Stranding. In typical Rick and Morty Fashion, the dialogue exchange is hilarious and very on-brand. Watch the funny cross-over right here.

What did you think of the commercial? Did you find it as special as we did? Be sure to let us know in the comments below and be sure to stay right here at Gameranx for the latest gaming news.

Source: PlayStation Youtube