Activision Working On Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Login Issue

One of the more anticipated FPS video games launching this year has finally made its way out into the market. We’re referring to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a video game that is not only a new installment for those that enjoy online multiplayer but also a reboot of the Modern Warfare series in general. Now it looks like those that were hoping to enjoy the game right from launch are left with some issues preventing them from starting the game up. Now Activision has made an official statement on the matter and hopes to bring out a fix soon.

As mentioned, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a reboot to the Modern Warfare series, but most of the early adopters are interested in jumping online and facing against other players in various game modes. It’s not surprising that there are some issues right out of the gate especially when it deals with online connectivity. Call of Duty is a massive franchise and there is a ton of players who have not only pre-ordered the game but have picked it up at launch. 

Those that opted to enjoy the game right from the start are finding out that they may not be able to log online. This is something that is puzzling Activision as they announced through their support Twitter account that they are aware of the issue and are hoping to fix it as quickly as possible.

That’s a big bummer for those that can’t log online, but there are plenty of players who were successful in jumping online with the game. For those that are already online, Activision doesn’t feel that there would be any issues unless they potentially log out and tried joining back in. Again, being such a big game, it’s not too surprising to see online server issues come up. 

For those that haven’t already picked up a copy of the game, players can do so for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms today.

Source: Twitter