Microsoft Now Allows Users To Change Gamertag To Whatever They Like

It took several years and at the tail end of the Xbox One lifecycle, but those that are not interested in their gamertags or would like a name that is already taken can rejoice. Microsoft has announced previously that the gamertag would come with some significant changes but now it’s fully available for users to take advantage.

Users can change their gamertag and even claim a name that was already taken. There is some slight catch to the overall process of claiming a name already redeemed, but it at least opens up the option for those interested in the name change. The gamertag is essentially your username online for Xbox and its a way to connect with friends. In the past, there was some limitation to character uses but now the max length is 12 characters long. Likewise, if you were wanting a name that is already taken, you can still redeem the gamertag but Microsoft will automatically fill the end with a “#” followed by a few randomized numbers.

You can change your gamertag once for free through Microsoft so nothing is stopping you from trying it out. However, it’s worth noting that once you change your gamertag, your previous gamertag becomes available for someone else to acquire. Likewise, the name change will show up on your end immediately but it may take until sometime in 2020 before the full change to show up.

There you have it. You can now freely change your gamertag but will you risk losing out of your current gamertag? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment down below.

Source: Venturebeat