Twitch Loses Another Popular Streamer To Mixer

Earlier this year we got the word of worldwide popular streamer from Twitch, Ninja, was leaving his home streaming service for Microsoft’s Mixer. It was a big announcement as Ninja has a massive audience and it may have left Twitch with a big hit. We were wondering if others would follow suit and it turns out that another big Twitch streamer has announced his departure from Twitch for Mixer and that’s Shroud.

Michael Grzesiek or better known as Shroud has been a popular streamer for various games online through Twitch. Now announced through his official Twitter account, Shroud has announced that he would be streaming through Mixer. This would give some incentive for his viewers to follow him through the streaming service transition.

Unfortunately, we don’t know if there is any reason behind the move from Twitch to Mixer. When it came to Ninja, it was reported that some big limitations were being tied to Twitch. For instance, it appeared that Ninja couldn’t grow his brand but with Mixer, it gave him more room to expand and grow with other ventures and likely partnerships. This very well could be the reason behind Shroud’s move to Mixer as well, but again, we have to wait and see if any official comments are made on the streaming service swap.

Since Twitch has lost two major players for the streaming service, it will be interesting to see if they make any changes to sway streamers to stay on the platform or if we’ll see more make the move to Mixer. One thing is for certain, it doesn’t appear that Twitch has as strong of a connection with their top streamers as it may have appeared.

Source: Twitter