Analogue Announces The Analogue Pocket

When it comes to retro video games, you typically find purists sticking with the original hardware. That’s for a few different reasons and while clone devices are plentiful in the market, if you want something that performs solid then you may opt for a console created by Analogue. This is a company that goes all out on the various hardware and features. In the past, we’ve seen consoles like the Super NT and Mega SG release into the market which offers an assortment of features for the likes of the Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Now the focus is on the original Game Boy lineup. Analogue has announced the Analogue Pocket, a device that replicates the original Game Boy Color format that can play Game Boy, Game Boy Color and lastly, Game Boy Advanced video games. There’s quite the library of video game titles available for players just from the Game Boy lineup, but that’s not all. It turns out that you’ll also get the ability to purchase adapters to support even more video game handheld platforms.

In the mix is Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket and the Atari Lynx. Outside of being able to play the actual hardware games, you’ll be able to enjoy a 3.5” LCD and a rechargeable battery as expected. Additionally, if you wish to enjoy the games on a big screen, the Analogue Pocket will be able to connect to a display through HDMI.

There are a few nice little goodies attached to this handheld game console, but we’re having to wait and see just how it handles when it finally hits the market. It won’t be cheap either as you’ll have to spend about $200 for the system and it’s slated to launch at some point in 2020. However, if you’re a hardcore collector and want a superior device to run your games then it seems that you can’t go wrong with Analogue.

Source: Gameinformer