Analogue Are Bringing Back Sega Genesis In A Big Way

Analogue is a well-known company that has released classic video game consoles in a brand new way. But instead of the standard components and plastic shells they are known for, Analogue comes out with high-end alternatives. For instance, the company released in the past the Analogue NT, a miniature sized Nintendo Entertainment System that would give retro gamer enthusiasts a real contender against the Nintendo NES Classic Edition.

Now after a few years have passed, the company is looking to bring back another console, the Sega Genesis. Overall, the Sega Genesis console will be quite similar to the past Analogue console releases, where players can enjoy physical cartridge games that can connect to your televisions through HDMI. Of course, the big question will be just how well the system runs in comparison to the original system and the slew of clone consoles that have hit the market.

Currently, the system is known as the Mega Sg and it will be able to play Sega Genesis, Mega Drive, and Master System video games. This system will also allow gamers to connect the Sega CD into the console and also play Sega CD games in 1080p without lag. It’s also noted from the official Analogue website that the company has partnered up with 8BitDo when it comes to wireless controllers.

This console will also set you back about $190 when it finally starts to ship into the market sometime next year though we’ll, of course, keep you updated on the very latest.

[Source: The Verge; Analogue]