Observer & Alan Wake American Nightmare Now Free On EGS

Epic Games Store received a ton of shade when it first hit the market. It was a competitor to Valve’s Steam platform that had the funds to compete. As a result, there were plenty of video game titles picked up and made a timed exclusive for the marketplace launcher. As a result, those who wanted to pick the game up on the Steam platform were left with another long wait.

This has earned Epic Games some heat from players but that isn’t slowing the client. There have been several updates to bring in new features that players already had access to with Valve’s Steam launcher. As the company attempt to close the gap, a new incentive was placed this year to get adopters of the client launcher and that’s simply offering free video game titles.

Each week throughout 2019, Epic Games Store features free video games. You may have just a single title offered one week or several the next. Best of all, it’s free forever just as long as you redeem your copy. There’s nothing required to obtain these games other than having a free account with the Epic Games Store launcher. Today we have two new video game titles being offered which are Observer and Alan Wake American Nightmare.

These are both horror-based video game titles which will go well with the holiday season. You’ll want to grab your copies before they go back to the storefront next week. Likewise, check back often as we continue to post what new free video game titles are released weekly from the Epic Games Store.

Source: Epic Games Store