Epic Game Store Has A New UI Coming Soon

When the Epic Game Store released it was met with a ton of criticism. Outside of the exclusive deals that Epic Games was able to gather away from Steam albeit most are just a timed exclusive deal, there was a ton of flack thrown at EGS due to the fact that it did not feature a number of elements already readily available on Valve’s Steam marketplace. Being a new client, Epic Games had a nice big roadmap of what was planned down the line. This gave a good insight into how EGS would soon feature most of the content that players enjoyed on Steam.

It took plenty of time, but Epic Games has been making good on their promised features. We’ve seen a good number of changes since its initial launch. Take for example the new playtime tracking feature, library viewing options as well as the new improved patch sizes were updated are better optimized allowing for reduced download sizes. As a result, EGS is on the right track, even if this game store client is having to take plenty of time to ensure that everything is ready for general public use.

There is also content inbound for the EGS according to the official news posting on the Epic Games Store website. The biggest in our eyes is the new storefront where you will find more video game titles being curated on the front page. From there, players will be able to browse games through certain filters allowing you to pull up content that you may be more interested in viewing. 

Likewise, something else that is in the works is that EGS will soon have an overlay. Similar to Steam, players will be able to manage their accounts or connect socially through an overlay while in-game. This is something that the development team over at Epic Games is still working on, but just know that there is more content underway that should help dwindled down the fires some have started when EGS first came onto the scene.

Source: Epic Games Store