Naughty Dog Launches Free PS4 Dynamic Theme For The Last Of Us Part II

There are a few highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusives coming out shortly, but easily on the top of that list of video games is The Last of Us Part 2. The development team behind the game, Naughty Dog, has confirmed that a sequel was in the works years ago but we’ve been waiting patiently for it to release. Earlier this week we got the Sony State of Play upload where a highlight was dedicated to The Last of Us Part 2. More specifically we have a release date attached to the project so now the wait begins. 

The Last of Us Part 2, the video game will take players back into the world with Ellie several years after the events of the first game. It seems that the world is still enduring a pandemic virus that is spreading across the lands, but for the most part, those that have survived have managed to keep the threat at bay. With that said, there is a new human threat as a cult-like group has started to take out innocent people leaving Ellie to put her life back on the line in hopes of freeing her group from the growing hostile force.

Since we now know that the video game is coming out on February 21, 2020 exclusive for the PlayStation 4, there is plenty of hype growing for the video game. To give players a little something to enjoy until the game finally launches next year, Naughty Dog has provided PlayStation 4 users with a new free dynamic theme of the game. If you want to toss up a new theme and prepare for the video game release then you can download the theme right now through the PlayStation Store. In the meantime, you can check out the new trailer released for the game posted above.

Source: Twitter