Reports Already Going Up Over Nintendo Switch Lite Analog Drift

The Nintendo Switch was a massive success for Nintendo after coming off of the Wii U. This hybrid system is a great option for those that want to enjoy video game consoles at home with their big screen or simply take it on-the-go when traveling. There’s a lot of areas that shines when it comes to the Nintendo Switch, but there is one problem that can easily frustrate players. You’ve likely heard about it before or even experienced it, but the Nintendo Switch has some rather awful analog mechanics.

Known as the Joy-cons, the Nintendo Switch joystick can easily wear down which causes it to register movement without the user moving the joystick. This problem eventually left Nintendo to offer free repairs but that also means weeks of potentially waiting for the repairs to be made or simply going out and purchasing a new Joy-con replacement. With the standard Nintendo Switch, there is the option of just swapping out the bad Joy-con for a new replacement, but with the Nintendo Switch Lite, users who purchase the device will find that the console doesn’t offer detachable Joy-cons.

Ultimately the Nintendo Switch Lite doesn’t provide a means to take the Joy-con’s out and that could lead to a big problem if there are multiple cases of Joy-con drift. We’re not sure how widespread this problem will be but after just a few days of being available in the market, reports are starting to come in. A YouTube user by the name of Alexis Javier has posted a video showcasing the problem he is experiencing right now. This is not too surprising as a recent video showcased how the Joy-cons between this Lite version a long with the standard version look similar in terms of build quality.

It will be interesting to see if this becomes a widespread problem and just how Nintendo plans to fix this situation. Right now, you may want to be cautious and wait to see just what other problems may emerge for this device as it’s still a new release so there is bound to be some room for error that Nintendo might have to go back and adjust before releasing a new updated version.

Source: YouTube