Former Twitch Employee States There Are No Automatic Bans

Twitch has been one of the most successful online sources to not only watch gameplay but to stream video games as well. Anyone can jump into the action and either stream a video game while growing a community or watch streamers live. With so many streamers available at any given moment, it’s quite easy for someone to get into a channel and enjoy the content. However, as of late, there have been more issues coming up in terms of streamers being banned. As a result, there was some speculation that some bans may occur from several streamers making reports.

That is not the case according to Jason Maestas who was a Twitch employee. In a recent Tweet, the former employee stated that no one could automatically ban a streamer. It doesn’t matter if there is a single report or a thousand reports for a streamer, the evidence is reviewed by a real person who then determines if the streamer is banned. 

It’s been a growing debate online on what is acceptable for a ban on Twitch. For instance, there is a concern on what is considered indecent exposure and how long the bans should be for each case. We’re not sure if there will be any detailed new rules that will alert streamers of what is allowed on the service, but it seems that some new official rules could help fully alert what streamers can showcase on their channel. Do you think some of the bans as of late to be unfair or too severe in terms of their content? We would love to hear your thoughts.

Source: Gamerant, Twitter