First 40 Minutes Of The Outer Worlds Released Online

Obsidian Entertainment has an anticipated release in the works called The Outer Worlds. This game may have gotten a bit outshine by Cyberpunk 2077 but this year fans of an open world RPG experience should certainly keep their eye on this title. For starters, its from the same development team that brought out the popular Fallout: New Vegas installment and from the footage released so far, the game has been looking like a wonderful title to get lost within. 

The last we’ve seen of this game was during the Tokyo Game Show where those that attended got a chance of playing a bit of the game. Until now, we’ve only seen bits and pieces emerge online but VGC was able to get a chance of playing the game while keeping the footage which shows the first forty minutes of the game. 

Unlike the previous post we reported on VGC doesn’t skip anything so you’ll get a much better inside look. As far as the narrative, players take on the role of a protagonist that awakens from a stasis sleep after his ship crashes on a space colony. Emerging from the wreckage, you must explore and figure out what’s going on within the area. With that said, you will get a chance at playing this game fully when it releases next month on October 25, 2019, for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. It’s worth pointing out that Nintendo Switch owners will also get a version of the game, but a release date has yet to be determined. 

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Source: VGC