Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Have A Classic Mode For More Traditional Combat

Final Fantasy VII is a staple entry to the Final Fantasy franchise and after years of pleading by fans of the original PlayStation release, Square Enix is finally giving players a proper remake. This is coming out into the marketplace next year and as of late we’ve seen plenty of new footage along with stage shows to unveil more information about the upcoming title. With that said, there is one element that fans of the original title may not have been too thrilled about.

We’re referring to the combat mechanics that Square Enix decided on with the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake. Instead of the traditional turn-based old school JRPG combat, there is a new action RPG mechanic in its place. Players will be going through battles in real time much like how you would find from the Kingdom Hearts franchise. As a result, those that were hoping to replay the game with all of its traditional mechanics were none too pleased of this announcement.

Fortunately, for those of you who were present at the Tokyo Game Show 2019, it was unveiled that the Final Fantasy VII Remake would have a Classic game mode as well. This will alter the combat to be more turn-based but not directly turning the gameplay into the old school turn-based combat. Instead, players would just direct your character in what to do rather than button mashing yourself. This way players can still witness the same type of combat flow visually while having the same style of combat that they may have been used to playing. 

We’re interested in seeing just how this combat mechanic handles when the game officially launches. For players who may not be in the loop, Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to launch on March 3, 2020, exclusively on the PlayStation 4. 

Source: GameSpot