Netflix The Witcher Release Date Leak May Not Be Accurate 

When it comes to the Netflix series of The Witcher, there are a ton of fans interested in diving into the show. It’s a big series, to say the least, and while it been stated before that the show adapted the novels rather the video game series by CD Projekt Red, it’s become quite the anticipated Netflix Original. Those interested of both the novels and video game titles are wanting to see just where the production team opted to take their adaptation. At any rate, fans may have been teased a bit last week when a leak came out that stated when the first season would unleash into the streaming service. 

If you recall the leak, it was an official Netflix post on their Facebook account that stated just when a select few shows would debut. Among the list was The Witcher, a series that has yet to receive a specific release date. However, according to the leak, it stated that The Witcher would see a launch on the Netflix streaming platform before Christmas of this year. That post was quickly taken down but that didn’t stop fans from grabbing a screenshot and spreading it around online.

As a result, fans were eager to hopefully see a new trailer and an official plug for the release date from Netflix. Unfortunately, we may be waiting a bit longer as a spokesperson noted to VGC that the information might not be correct and that the post was made with errors from the Netherlands. 

Right now, it’s anyone’s guess as to when we will see The Witcher on Netflix. Do you believe it will be prior to Christmas of this year? For now, we’ll have to wait and see just what the official statement is from Netflix.

Source: VGC