Looks Like Netflix Accidentally Leaked The Witcher Release Date

It appears that fans of The Witcher will get an early Christmas gift this year as Netflix may have gave away the release date for drama series. We’ve been keeping a close eye on this series and while we know that the production is not directly tied to the video game titles but rather towards the novel source material, there’s plenty of fans from the video games eager to see how the show will compare. However, since its announcement, the production wrapping up and teases over these past few months, there has been no official statement on when The Witcher will debut on the Netflix streaming service.

The wait for its debut release date may be over. In a recent post on the official Facebook page, it seems that Netflix accidentally revealed when The Witcher will air. According to the post, The Witcher will become available on December 17, 2019. This post has since been deleted, but fans have been circulating an image grab which we will supply below.

As the image states, the wait is almost over for a large selection of shows and movies. While it doesn’t outright state the date for each production, it simply states how many nights you’ll have to make it through before they become available to view. The Witcher is nearly a hundred days away and at the time of the post, it will seemingly be available right before Christmas. This is some nice and unexpected news but again, the post has since been deleted so there’s always room for error. Perhaps the post was meant for a later date or they got a few production debuts wrong. For now, you’ll probably be better off waiting for an official release date announcement.

Source: Redanian Intelligence