Rumor: PlayStation 5 & Xbox Project Scarlett Must Be Connected Online? 

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It’s no secret that Sony and Microsoft are both getting ready to deliver their next-generation video game consoles into the market. Neither had made full unveiling yet, but we’re going to likely see something sooner rather than later. As a result, we’ll probably hear more statements and details from those who are familiar with the consoles before anything officially it unveiled. The latest comment which was made by a developer from EA Canada when speaking with Electric Playground Network has people questioning if we’re going to get another fiasco much like the original Xbox One unveiling. 

Right now, this is purely rumored as nothing official has come out into the media from either Sony or Microsoft, but apparently developer William Ho stated that there are a few areas that will really allow studios to craft unique experiences for players. Not only is there a greater overall power to the system, but he stated that it’s always connected online.

We’re moving into a more digital era today as it is. With services popping up left and right to give players the freedom to enjoy video game titles by connecting online and either streaming or downloading the games, most are hopping online in some measure. However, there is some concern as to what an always-connected online console will entail.

We saw this statement pop up with the Xbox One and it was greatly hated by the community. Having an Xbox One console that was required an online connection meant that those who did not have access online was essentially buying an expensive paperweight. Likewise, if an internet outage occurred it meant that the games would not be playable. 

This is just one comment made by a developer which is going around online, so we shouldn’t put too much weight into it just yet. We’ll find out more information when Sony and Microsoft actually make comments about their systems. In the meantime, if the PS5 and Project Scarlett end up requiring an online connection, would it sway your decision of purchasing them?

Source: PSU, EPN