Epic Games Store Confirms Two More Free Video Game Titles Coming Next Week

We’ve seen a ton of flack thrown towards Epic Games Store, a competing marketplace against the Valve behemoth, Steam. It’s a new up-and-comer into the market that’s making a big push towards gathering a larger user base through the likes of striking up deals for timed video game exclusives. This may sway some gamers to the Epic Games Store, but there are still plenty who write video game titles off until they are released into the Steam marketplace. There is another means to sway gamers onto the Epic Games Store and that’s with free weekly video game titles.

Epic Games Store is offering free video game titles each week and it only requires users to have a free Epic Games Store account. The video game titles are then claimed for your account and can be installed whenever you feel like playing something new. There is a pretty diverse selection of video game titles being offered as well with August 29, 2019, marking next week’s releases. Starting on August 29, 2019, gamers will receive the opportunity to claim Celeste and Inside. Both are popular platformers that will be available for free until September 5, 2019. If you don’t claim the game titles before the end date, they will go back to being accessible through purchase only.

This week we have Fez available for free. It’s another platform title and while it looks like Epic Games Store is just offering platformers for the next couple video game titles, they have offered a wide variety of game genres in the past. Throughout 2019, we’ve seen video game titles like Alan Wake, For Honor, Oxenfree, Hyper Light Drifter, Overcooked and Rime release for free.

Source: Epic Games Store