Is Capcom Announcing The Next Resident Evil Game At Gamescom?

Gamescom is a big event similar to E3 though instead of some of the notable conferences we’ve seen from E3 dedicated to specific publishers we will see a livestream featuring a number of game announcements. Geoff Keighley is holding a livestream where he will bring out announcements and world premieres from a wide variety of publishers which is listed down below of what publishers will be featured. Among the list noted, gamers can expect something announced from Capcom and it very well could be something from the Resident Evil franchise.

Capcom will be making some type of an announcement during Gamescom and it’s easily speculated that it could be from the Resident Evil franchise as the company has recently sent out emails regarding tester requests. If you don’t recall, Capcom sent out an email to those that were involved with the Biohazard Ambassador program to test an upcoming game. While it’s not been unveiled just what this game will be about, it’s far enough in development to request testers.

What we don’t know is just what the video game will be based on the franchise. If this is a Resident Evil title then it could potentially be the next mainline installment or the Resident Evil 3 remake after the success developers had with the remake of Resident Evil 2. While Capcom is seeking testers from the Biohazard Ambassador program, this Gamescom announcement very well could be something outside of the Resident Evil franchise.

As mentioned, this is not the only announcement planned as we also have word that Sega will be revealing a new AAA video game title as well. We won’t know just what Capcom, Sega or any of the other publishers have planned to announce until the livestream starts on August 19, 2019. In other news regarding Capcom, it was unveiled that the company was involved in a $19 million deal though no details on what the deal was about have been released. Speculation online have suggested everything from an IP being sold to an upcoming Netflix series.

Source: Twitter, Gamerant