Ninja Already Surpasses A Million Subscribers On Mixer

Twitch is the best source for streamers to showcase content though it’s mainly used for a variety of video game streams. However, within the service, there is more than just a few notable personalities that cater to a wide audience. One of the biggest arguably is Ninja and it was just a week ago that the streamer made the surprise announcement of his leave from Twitch to exclusively stream on Mixer. This was a risky move for the streamer but it’s looking like the move had paid off.

Not only did Ninja likely receive quite the hefty deal from Microsoft to gain exclusive streaming rights from Ninja, but the online personality is also raking in the views despite his followers having to move onto a new service. In under a week, the streamer had managed to hit over a million active subscribers on Mixer which is quite the feat for a streamer. However, since Ninja was already a well-known streamer worldwide it wasn’t a stretch to see his channel reach a million subscribers. Only time will tell if these subscribers will stick around.

While a million subscribers were quickly gained in just under a week, it’s worth pointing out that Ninja has made subscriptions free for the first month. So gamers worldwide can easily gain access to Ninja’s streams on Mixer without having to pay any sort of fee. Perhaps this is a good move to sway his followers to quickly move over from Twitch to Mixer, but we’ll have to wait and see if Ninja reaches the same numbers he normally received on Twitch as time goes on.

Source: Twitter, The Verge