Age of Wonders: Planetfall – How To Use Console Commands | PC Cheats Guide

Using cheat codes is one of the greatest joys in gaming, even if real cheat codes are becoming more and more rare each year. A few games still carry the glorious torch of cheat codes, and Age of Wonder: Planetfall is one of them. Input a simple command to open a console window, and you can go nuts with a variety of powerful cheat codes — all named after famous Dutch people, to boot!

Unfortunately, these codes are PC only. Naturally, so console players won’t get to enjoy some of these insanely powerful cheats. You can instantly complete research, reveal the entire map, level up a stack of units, or give yourself infinite movement. You can instantly win a match, or just give yourself a ton of resources to play around with. It’s a fun way to break up the difficulty curve in a tricky game, so find the full list of cheat codes below.

How To Use Console Commands | PC Cheats Guide

To open the Cheat Console window, press [Ctrl+Alt+C]. Input a code below and press enter. That’s all you need to do! It’s really, really easy. All the codes are based on famous Dutch figures.

rembrant : Instantly gives 100,000 Energy and 100,000 Cosmite.

hauer : Fully levels up selected units or heroes.

barentz : Removes fog of war and fully explores the map.

leeuwenhoek : Instantly complete any on-going research project.

philips : Instantly complete any on-going Production in all cities.

tasman : Fully explores the map.

cruijff : Unlocks infinite movements for all units.

hein : Instantly win the current map.