For Honor & Alan Wake Confirmed As Epic Games Store’s Next Free Video Games

Epic Games Store may not have the warmest welcome from PC gamers as there’s been some pretty big pushback from fans of Valve’s Steam platform, but to help sway some gamers in downloading the marketplace storefront software, Epic Games is providing players with free video game titles every week. There are no strings attached either as all you need is a free account with Epic Games Store to claim and secure your video game titles.

Most premium subscription services like PlayStation Plus offers gamers with a free video game title each month. If you’re a PC gamer then you’re likely already aware of this free incentive in having an Epic Games Store client installed on your PC. Outside of just being a free software to view the content being offered through the Epic Games Store which you can purchase, gamers interested in free video game titles to enjoy each week are given a nice selection each month.

Normally, Epic Games Store only offers gamers with one free title to enjoy each week. Once the game is redeemed, it remains free and in your library for your Epic Games Store account. There’s no downside in redeeming the games as you’ll be able to install them whenever you please rather than being a locked limited weekly event. This current week along with next week’s free titles come with a bundle of two video games.

If you don’t already have your Epic Games Store titles claimed this week then you’ll want to do so. Gamers can claim a copy of Moonlighter along with This War of Mine for this week. Next week, starting on August 2, 2019, gamers can claim a copy of For Honor and Alan Wake.

Source: Epic Games Store