Epic Games Store Offers Moonlighter & This War Of Mine For Free

When it comes to collecting video games on the digital market, you can tend to find a good deal from time-to-time. With different seasonal and holiday sales, getting some of the latest and greatest titles is mainly a waiting game. However, there is a PC gaming marketplace out there that will hand out a free video game each week and we’ve received some big hitters to give you something to enjoy each week before the next title is released. Epic Games Store may have received some flack from PC gamers over gathering exclusives away from the Steam marketplace, but they are giving gamers an incentive a means to download their marketplace.

One of those incentives is the free video game titles you’ll receive each week. All you need is a free account and from there you can download the free weekly titles. Once you download the games they will remain in your inventory forever. Today gamers can download two video game titles which are Moonlighter and This War of Mine. Normally, the video games offered are just one single title but now Epic Games is upping the ante.

In the past, we’ve received copies of Limbo, Last Day of June, Rime, Overcooked, along with several other titles. However, while we know what is currently available, we do get an insight as to what will be coming next. Starting on August 2, 2019, gamers can download For Honor and Alan Wake completely for free.

Source: Epic Games Store