Sony Sending Out PS4 7.00 Beta Keys

The PlayStation 4 will soon hit the 7.00 update and the beta right now is being sent out. While Sony is keeping quiet on the matter, gamers who are signed up for beta releases are starting to receive their codes and have sent out the alerts about it. As it turns out, this time around the beta keys are redeemable up to twenty times and that means gamers can share their keys with friends that want to test out the latest beta update features. With that said, there are only two main features that Sony is sharing at the moment regarding the update.

When it comes to 7.00 beta key update, gamers will notice that the party sizes will increase which can support up to sixteen members total. This should allow for clans to meet up for different games a bit easier or just a means to sit back and talk with a large group of friends. The other update won’t be as apparent right away.

With 7.00 Sony is making a change to the update process itself. Rather than updating the console and having users restart the console, 7.00 will make it to where gamers don’t have to restart the PS4 unit before the changes take effect. This will still require users to have automatic updates enabled so it may be a bit before we’ll see this change become of use. Outside of the two features, it looks like Sony may be keeping a tight lid on what else may have come with the update.

Source: Gamesradar