Catherine: Full Body Trailer Showcases the Problems with Being Indecisive

Atlus has released a new trailer for their upcoming title Catherine: Full Body and it is centered around some of the main decisions that will have to be made in the game!

Caught up in the middle of a love triangle, players will be forced to make tough decisions on three different girls. This re-release of the title will only come to the PS4, so for those who are on PC and Xbox One they will just have to either sit this one out or commit to the PS4 version. The latest trailer also gives a good look at the revamped graphics which look pretty amazing!

Check out the new Catherine: Full Body Decisions trailer down below:

In life, indecision can have drastic consequences, especially if you happen to be involved in a relationship triangle (or in Vincent’s case, a square).

Catherine: Full Body launches in the US on September 3, 2019!

Source: YouTube