The latest Grand Theft Auto Online Update Resurfaces Scrapped Offline Expansions

Grand Theft Auto V launched years ago in 2013 for the last generation of consoles but it’s kept up with players still enjoying it today. Rockstar Games really delivered a massive open-world experience for players to enjoy with the fifth main installment to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, but those that have been waiting around for a storyline DLC expansion to the game similar to the content that came out for Grand Theft Auto IV then you were letdown a few years later in 2017 where the developers have revealed that the game would not receive an expansions outside of updates to Grand Theft Auto Online.

With that said, it doesn’t mean that the developers didn’t plan on expansions. Originally, the developers had certain ideas in mind but due to the success in Grand Theft Auto Online, players have only been enjoying all the various updates and content that were added into the game. For instance, recently Rockstar Games added The Diamond Casino & Resort update which adds the Los Santos casino for players to wander and enjoy. Not only are there virtual gambling games such as slots to blackjack, but gamers can also take part in various missions.

Now this update has brought details back up about the scrapped offline story DLC that Rockstar Games had toyed with. Data miners have dug around and tossed out some of the details of what was supposed to come. For instance, it looked like Rockstar Games had originally planned for a zombie apocalypse expansion similar to the Undead Nightmare expansion released for Red Dead Redemption. This expansion would have changed the landscape and areas of the map drastically. Additionally, the casino that has recently opened up was supposed to be available through a large heist expansion.

This news resurfaced again today as it’s looking like Rockstar Games may have used some of the content for the casino today for the GTA Online experience when it was meant to come out strictly for the single-player offline experience.

Source: Eurogamer, Gamesradar