RAM Prices May Finally Drop According To Analysts

If you wanted to build a gaming PC then you knew that there would be some hefty expenses but wow, no one expected the price jump for RAM the past year. PC memory had skyrocketed seemingly out of nowhere and it even caused some investigation towards the ideas of potential price-fixing. Luckily earlier this year the prices started to drop so those that were wanting to jump into the PC platform for gaming didn’t have to fetch over their paycheck just to secure some of that precious RAM for their PC systems.

Since the prices have dropped there are new reports going around that prices will drop even more. Analysts started to chime in on the fact that these RAM manufacturers are sitting on plenty of unsold stock and it’s with all this stock that the prices for their various products will start to plummet. Some are even insisting that the RAM prices could drop to over 40% which would make for a great opportunity for PC gaming build enthusiasts to either stock up for future builds or even upgrade their PC rig.

These are just analyst reports right now so there’s always a chance that this could be completely false. Regardless, for those that are looking to build a PC gaming rig may want to hold out a bit longer for the holidays such as labor day which may not only showcase RAM at a discounted price but also several deals on various components. At any rate, all we can do is wait around and see if these RAM prices drop or not.

Source: PC Gamer, Gartner