The Diamond Casino & Resort Officially Opens Up In Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online seems to have no end of life as constant updates and content are being pushed into the game. Rockstar Games has been working on bringing a casino into the game and after fans have asked for the doors to finally be opened up, gamers can finally enjoy The Diamond Casino & Resort right now. This update was announced over a month ago now and after some construction phases online, the casino has its grand opening today. Gamers who are wanting to gamble or get a chance at winning a brand new car to clothing can head to the location right now.

You’ve likely already seen the casino on the map as it’s been present in the game just not vacant. That has finally changed and gamers can head inside to play some slots, card games, roulette or even shop for some more fine clothing. There’s also a penthouse available for those who are wanting to spend some big money to stay. Outside of just the gambling, gamers can take a chance to spin a wheel each week where you’ll be rewarded anything from clothing, money, chips, RP, and discounts.

Only time will tell if this will become a controversial move from Rockstar Games as Loot Boxes have become a major issue in the media. Some have deemed this microtransaction as gambling and now that gambling is available to be used in the game online, there’s a good chance it will become a big concern.

Again with all that said, if you wish to visit the area and see what Rockstar Games has put into the title then you can check it out right now on Grand Theft Auto Online.

Source: Rockstar Games