Fan Uploads Fully Translated Version Of Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII was a huge hit and if you lived in Japan you got a prequel to the game, Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII. It was a mobile action role-playing video game that was developed under Square Enix. The game took place a few years prior to the events of Final Fantasy VII where the narrative followed the Turks who are fighting against Avalanche. As mentioned, this was only released in Japan back in 2004 and the action RPG never made its way out into the west. After several years, the game was finally shutdown in 2018, but it looks like we finally have a means to enjoy it today.

Thanks to a fan who goes by the name of richterw on RPG Maker, we got a complete translations so those who live within the western markets can enjoy the game for the first time. Now this game does require players to use RPG Maker in order to enjoy it, but from the looks of it, we have the full game readily available and a new look at the events that lead up to Final Fantasy VII narrative. Apparently, the developer had some help with the translations, but we’re sure that there are going to be plenty of fans who are eager to sit down and play this game regardless if the translations are perfect or not.

We don’t expect this to last too long as most often fan games and translations are killed off by the IP owners. While that’s not always the case, with Final Fantasy VII remake in the works, the creator may have a tough time keeping it up online for gamers to download. However, because the game has already been posted online for players to enjoy, it’s going to be even more difficult for Square Enix to keep it offline from players obtaining a copy. At any rate, are you interested in playing the fan translated video game title? This could offer gamers something to enjoy as they wait for the upcoming release of the Final Fantasy VII remake that’s slated to launch next year.

Source: Reddit, RPG Maker