Play as Keanu Reeves in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Thanks to New Awesome Mode

A new Metal Gear Solid V mod has gain traction on the internet and for good reason as it will now let you play as the badass Keanu Reeves in the massive open world of The Phantom Pain.

Yes, you read that right, thanks to a new mod on Nexus, fans of the game can now play as Keanu in MGSV: TPP. Sadly this is exclusive to the PC platform, so not everyone will be able to experience this cool mod.

Thanks to the mod site Nexus, we get a detailed look at how to download and apply the skin, make sure to head over to Nexus, or check out the installation for the Keanu Reeves Metal Gear Solid V mod down below:

Update : for those who don’t want to edit the avatar or find it too difficult, I’ve added a version that replaces Snake with John Wick/Johnny Silverhand (credits to CapLagRobin). Use SnakeBite to install and use Snake ingame. The glasses versions replace the bandana.

It replaces the avatar with John Wick/Johnny Silverhand. It’s still WIP.

Use the Hair 1 Preset to play as John Wick, 
the Hair 2 Preset to play as Johnny SIlverhand with sunglasses,or
the Hair 2 Preset to play as Johnny SIlverhand without sunglasses.

Use TMWSTW Bare arms mod to replace the bionic arm.


Download SnakeBite Mod Manager (
Download my mod, extract the .7z archive, you’ll get an .mgsv file. 
Use SnakeBite to install the .mgsv file

In game, go to the avatar customization menu, use these settings (the most important one is the type 1 Eye Shape) :

  • Eye Shape : Type 1
  • Eye Position (Vertical):  0
  • Distance Between Eyes:  0
  • Eye Position (Profile): 0
  • Skin Color : 1

If you see a faceless avatar that means you have correctly installed my mod.
Switch between the hair presets to change the haircut (1: John Wick, 2 : Johnny Silverhand with sunglasses, 3 : Johnny Silverhand without sunglasses).

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is now available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Are you thinking about trying this awesome Keanu Reeves mod? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Nexus Mods