Google Confirms Available Devices For Stadia During Initial Launch

The Google Stadia platform is something to reckon with as Google certainly has the funds to keep their video game platform afloat. While it remains to be seen if this platform will actually compete against the likes of Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony, we won’t have to wait too long before we get the initial response on the platform. Google Stadia is slated to launch initially for those who purchased the Founders Edition in November of this year, but the devices you will be able to use for Google Stadia access may be a bit too limited.

There’s been plenty of talk about Google Stadia and how it will give gamers access to the latest titles without the need for new consoles or components. Instead, this is a cloud-based gaming platform which we’ve seen in other formats such as Sony’s PlayStation Now service. With Google Stadia, players will be able to log online and enjoy video games simply by streaming them to their device. You’ll, of course, need a subscription and accessed to select video game titles, but the biggest would be a stable internet connection. It’s already been confirmed that you need a 10 Mbps of internet speed to reach a 720p experience with 4K requiring an even faster connection.

Likewise, this service would be available on multiple devices, but today we’re finding out that the launch for Founders Edition will only support a small selection. Outside of the Google Chromecast Ultra, which comes packed with the Founders Edition, gamers will only get access to Google Stadia on the Pixel 3 and 3a devices. Other devices are likely to come but for now, it’s only those three main devices that will support the platform when it comes out in November.

Source: Google, Gamerant