Turok: Escape From Lost Valley Is A Unique Installment To The Franchise

Turok has been around for years and it’s mainly been a first-person style shooter. In the most basic description we can give, the franchise puts players against dinosaurs. The situation, characters, and area may differ between the installments, but it’s always been a first-person style of gameplay. It’s been a long time since we’ve received a new installment to the franchise but we’re getting a new entry later this year. With that said, this new installment will be a completely different take on the series and one that we’re interested in seeing how fans of the franchise will enjoy when it does release.

The video game is called Turok: Escape from Lost Valley and it’s a top-down cartoonish style of gameplay. Developed under Pillow Pig Games who previously brought out Fighties, this unique game puts players into the shoes of Turok working with Andar. You awake from a long sleep in Lost Valley and your goal is to find a pathway home but during your adventure, you’ll come across a number of deadly enemies.

This will be a single-player video game and so far it looks like it’s just coming out on Steam but we’ll, of course, keep you updated when more details emerge. Again, the biggest change up is purely the design and mechanics which does look like it may give players a fresh new feel to the franchise but we’ll have to wait and see just how well it handles and what gamers think of the title. As for when the game comes out, the currently planned release date is July 25, 2019.

Source: Steam, Gamerant