Ouya Services Will Officially End Next Month

The Ouya was a massively anticipated console years ago. It was also one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns that led plenty of gamers eagerly waiting for its launch. However, once the console launched it was met with poor reviews and a lack of content to bring newcomers to the hardware. It didn’t come to much surprise that the console would eventually cease production shortly after but instead of dying completely, Razer decided to purchase the rights and kept those who had the console running for a few more years.

Ultimately, Razer couldn’t provide the content and service upkeep forever. With only trying to appease those who have a console already, there wasn’t too much of an incentive to keep going. Instead, it’s time to put the Ouya to rest once and for all as Razer announced that the console would no longer have a functioning service next month. That means when June 25, 2019, rolls around gamers can’t access the service to download video games or even certain applications, in general, leaving the system a complete failure for collectors to own or a paperweight.

At any rate, it’s not likely to affect too many people who are wanting to enjoy the Ouya. At any result, gamers can still enjoy the system for a little while longer or make the jump to another console platform.

Source: Gamerant