Nintendo Tries To Kill Off Super Mario Bros Commodore 64 Port

When it comes to fan games there a real joy from both those who are creating the title and the fans of the franchise. These games are made without the goal of making any money and it’s a passion project. Oftentimes most of these games are created on the spare time of those who are working on them. After putting in time at work and sacrificing some time spent with friends and family, some fans go into some hard work to deliver their passion project to the world. Unfortunately, most of these games end up being killed off by the IP owners and it looks like one of these passion projects received the takedown notice.

You’re all familiar with Super Mario Bros. This is a staple video game franchise for the whole industry. But as you know, this game is exclusive to Nintendo. However, it recently saw an unofficial release on the Commodore 64. As the years pass more gamers understand past console hardware better. As a result, the video games that are produced for the system is quite enhanced from the original title releases.

One of those big feats was Super Mario Bros. for the Commodore 64. A fan was working on this project for the past seven years and it was recently available for the general public to enjoy. Just days after the release Nintendo decided to kill off the game by removing it from major hosting sources.

This doesn’t come to much surprise as Nintendo has been rather notable for being difficult to deal with for fans that decided to deliver fan video games. That doesn’t mean these titles never release, in fact as we mentioned, this Super Mario Bros. on the Commodore 64 already launched. What you will find a bit problematic now is that the game can be a bit harder to track down online. Likewise, the game may not find any updates as Nintendo is already sending out takedown notices to those already hosting the download.

Source: TorrentFreak