Epic Games Store Will Not Stop Seeking Exclusives Despite Criticisms

When it comes to PC gaming there’s been some serious criticisms as of late. Most everyone gathers their video game titles on Valve’s Steam platform and with it comes a slew of extra features and social connections. However, in the past few months, the platform has had some serious competition that is causing plenty of criticisms online. Whether you like it or not, Epic Games will not cease when it comes to acquiring exclusives for their Epic Games Store.  Instead, the CEO made a comment that the company will seek out new video game deals for the foreseeable future.

To some, the argument between Epic Games Store and Steam holds no value. It’s simply another launcher on their desktop that will launch a video game title. While others have expressed their deep concerns over a video game title not being available on Steam. We actually covered a story on our YouTube channel that goes over this whole situation in a more in-depth matter which you can view above. However, if you thought your criticisms are being heard, it looks like you may be wrong here. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has made a tweet stated that the company will continue their hunt for exclusives on both unannounced video game titles or recent public video game reveals.

Now some of these exclusives are just timed exclusives and that means if you’re looking for a way to enjoy the game on the Steam platform then you just have a longer waiting period. However, other titles are purely exclusive to the Epic Games Store and the company does offer an incentive to get these deals. When compared to Steam, Epic Games Store offers a better deal in revenue sharing to the developers.

For instance, the latest exclusive that Epic Games Store managed to obtain was the upcoming and highly anticipated Borderlands 3. With that said, the game will eventually release on Steam but if you’re looking to enjoy it during launch then you’ll have to use the Epic Games Store launcher.

Source: Twitter