Activision Reveals Why They Stepped Away From Bungie’s Destiny Franchise

Destiny 2 has been out for a good while now and we already know that the development team over at Bungie has intended to make this a long-lasting franchise. However, it came to a sudden surprise when publishers Activision has alerted online that they would be stepping away from the joint venture with Bungie and instead would allow the development studio to have the full rights to Destiny. It was a bit of a mixed reception with gamers wondering as to why the sudden split occurred and the overall positive reception that Bungie would be able to create their video game title with complete control.

Now that Activision had recently held a financial conference call, we learned directly from the COO, Coddy Johnson, that Destiny 2 was not hitting the financial strides and goals as they originally had intended. This meant in the long run Destiny 2 wouldn’t be able to deliver a big enough profit for Activision and it resulted in parting ways with Bungie. This split was apparently a positive one on both sides but it turns out that Bungie may have taken a hit as well.

According to Coddy, there was more work on Activision’s end then maybe some gamers had realized. Apparently, there was a development team helping Bungie out within Activision which mean that they were using resources to get projects done and fixed for gamers to enjoy. As a result, this split would allow Activision to free up the resources that were previously being used to help Bungie with the video game. For now, we’re curious as to how big of a hit Bungie will take now losing out on the resource power from Activision.

Really, only time will tell if Destiny 2 performs well and if its able to sustain enough players for Bungie. Otherwise, this could eventually lead to Bungie putting work in towards a brand new IP. For now, players can enjoy Destiny 2 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms.


[Source: Gamesradar]