Nintendo Refuses To Comment On Portable Only Nintendo Switch Rumors

The Nintendo Switch was a massive success for the company especially after they came off their less than stellar, Nintendo Wii U. This console win was much needed for Nintendo and while they managed to reach new goals and heights than the Nintendo Wii U never could, it appears that there could be other ideas for the system that may help it out even more. These new ideas come from a Nikkei, a Japanese financial website publication which has sources close to what’s going on behind the scenes at Nintendo. As always, we have to list these comments as pure rumor until Nintendo makes an announcement, but don’t expect that to happen soon.

As mentioned, the Nintendo Switch was a hit and it offers gamers the ability to enjoy the latest Nintendo titles both on the go and at home through the use of a docking system. Likewise, the ability to detach the controllers from the system in order to enjoy multiplayer games right out of the box is certainly a winning feature. However, the system does come at the new console premium price and the system is not necessarily kid friendly. We never tossed a Nintendo Switch on the floor or anything to that nature, but this device doesn’t feel like it could take too much of a beating before it breaks.

That may change as a source to Nikkei has stated Nintendo is looking for a slimmer and more portable option for the Nintendo Switch. It didn’t go into specifics but it looks like the company is ditching the route of improving the system for a means to make it cheaper and likely more durable for children. There were also reports that Nintendo may be bringing out a new enhanced service or an upgrade to the service overall which could possibly mean that Nintendo will announce more past video game platform support.

Arstechnica has since reached out to their contact at Nintendo in hopes to learn more information regarding these rumors but it looks like Nintendo is keeping quiet and has nothing to add. The previous rumor from Nintendo was a Nintendo Direct that was supposed to happen last month which never came to fruition so this very well could be a false claim.


[Source: Arstechnica]