Fallout 76 Will Not Go Free-To-Play According To Bethesda

Fallout 76 had plenty of steam and hype behind it when the title first was announced. Gamers were going to receive a brand new Fallout game and experience. However, unlike the previous installments, this game would be an MMO where players can connect online and build up settlements. Likewise, there wouldn’t be a narrative journey for players to follow, but when the game finally did release, it was met with plenty of criticism online.

It seems that Fallout 76 is still not doing all that well. The game was torn apart by gamers online as something that was subpar compared to the rest of the main installments released within the franchise. Again, the game didn’t include an actual narrative journey attached but instead put players into the role of a survivor from Vault 76. This vault opens up a couple of decades after the nuclear blast with their goal of cleaning up the world and recreating civilization. As a result, players are tasked with creating settlements, finding resources, battling against hostile enemies and potentially other players.

However, while the game did not receive the praise that Bethesda had hoped for, it looks like the development studio is not making any drastic changes to how the game plays. There was a rumor circulating around online that suggested Fallout 76 was being pulled from store shelves and would soon be turned into a free-to-play video game title.

In a recent tweet, Bethesda shut down the rumor which means that if you want to enjoy this game, you’ll need to pay for the title. We’re not sure what Bethesda has in-store for Fallout 76 next but it would seem that the developers are looking to provide new content which would bring more players back along with newcomers.


[Source: Twitter; Game Informer]