New Batman: Court of Owls Artwork Adds More Speculation About Rumored Title


Batman: Arkham Knight was the last Batman title to release, and with the long hiatus of the caped crusader, fans and gamers alike are itching to return to the cowl.

Those fans might be lucky as some new artwork featuring the Dark Knight has been leaked as it adds more fuel to the fire. The latest artwork is from artist Eddie Mendoz, in which Reddit user Donna201299 found on Mendoz’s art page. All three pictures showcase the Dark Knight and the Talons, members of the Court of Owls.

Now as Donna201299 notes, this wouldn’t be newsworthy if a talented artist just drew some pictures of Batman and the Owls, but for some reason, Mendoz removed the images off is art station account a couple of days later with no explanation or reasoning. The final kicker is that apparently, he is a freelance artist with WB being one of his clients.

Check out the three new images of the artwork down below:

Donna201299 on Reddit:

Alright, another one for the WB Montreal rumor mill BUT TAKE WITH A HUGE GRAIN OF SALT.

Artist Eddie Mendoza (who works for Apple) recently posted a series of 3 keyframe images that he specified were “just for fun” which depicted Batman engaged in combat against Talons. This would not normally be newsworthy, though the man is very talented, except that a few days ago he suddenly took the images down without any explanation. Just gone entirely from his ArtStation account (where he first posted them) without any evidence they ever existed. Since they weren’t breaking any rules or terms of service that I can see and I don’t see him getting a cease and desist from Warner Bros. over a bunch of drawings that he specifically said WEREN’T official, this is a bit weird. Even more curious, he also apparently works as a freelancer and one of his clients is Warner Bros.

We recently saw WB Montreal game testers tease something to do with an owl late last year. There is still no hard evidence that WB Montreal is working on another Batman title, but there span without publishing a game is getting pretty high. One way or another they’ve been working on something and we’ll find out about it sooner or later.

With a new Batman game possibly on the horizon, would a Court of Owls featured Batman game interest you? Or would you like to see another villainous group take on the bat? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Reddit