Batman: Court of Owls Game Teased By WB Montreal


WB Montreal staff workers have been working hard on their upcoming untitled project, but it seems that some of them are ready to give fans a little glimpse and tease into what the project may be.

WB Montreal hasn’t shipped a game since Batman: Arkham Origins, and with such a long span of time passing many gamers are ready to see what the developers have been working on for so long. The tease comes from a tweet that shows off a Owl on the back of a T-Shirt. For anyone who is into Batman’s lore will know that the Court of Owls is a prominent enemy for a masked vigilante.

Not only does the owl give suspicion to a Court of Owls Batman game, but Scott Snyder, creator of the antagonistic group, retweeted IGN’s article about the speculated game. Snyder has basically added more fuel to the fire, and Batman fans and gamers alike are freaking out.

Check out the official tweets down below:

Tweet 1:

Tweet 2:

Earlier this week Rocksteady Studios announced that they were not going to be attending the Video Game Awards 2018 and that they were not working on a Superman game. The news sadden many fans as many hoped they were working on a Superman game, however, with the official word out, the speculation and rumor mill will turn have to simmer down for a while at least.

WB Montreal also announced this week that they won’t be attending the VGA 2018, so we shouldn’t expect anything Batman related at the award show. Keep your eyes peeled to Gameranx as we follow the suspicious actions at WB Montreal and the highly anticipated game reveal of Rocksteady Studios.

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