Rocksteady Confirms They Are Not Working on Superman Title, No Presence at Video Game Awards 2018


Over the weekend, developer Rocksteady has announced that they will not be attending the Video Game Awards later this week and that they are not working on a Superman game.

The news is slightly heartbreaking as many fans were hoping for the famed Batman developer to take on the impossible task of creating a Superman title, but it seems that the rumors and speculation can be laid to rest. However, Rocksteady did note that they are working on something, but we will be the first to know when they are ready to show it off.

Check out the official tweet down below:

Rumors have been circling around for a good amount of years now. There has been detailed rumors and leaks that there has indeed been a Superman game in the works, but the rumors evolved into a Justice League game as of late. The internet still believes that Rocksteady is working on something Superhero related, but what that something is, no one knows. Time will have to tell.

Now with Superman out of running, what do you think the studio is working on? Let us know your predictions in the comments down below!

Source: Twitter