Celeste Farewell Levels DLC Will Be Free For All Platforms

Celeste is a platformer developed under Matt Thorson and Noel Berry. The video game is a fast-paced platformer where players take control of a young girl named Madeline who must climb up a massive mountain known as Celeste Mountain. Along the way, there will be a number of obstacles to avoid and collectibles for players to gather making it quite the challenge to obtain everything. This title has become quite a bit hit and easily one of the more recommended indie games to pick up on platforms this past year. Now that Celeste has been out there is plenty of gamers who have already completed the game. Luckily there is a new batch of levels underway which means you can pick the game back up to fully complete.

The game will once again soon gather a number of players back onto the title where the Farewell Levels will bring on more challenges along with some new mechanics and items. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there will be any more strawberries for players to gather but this is said to be a continuous chapter and best of all it’s completely for free. Looks like everyone who has a copy of the game will receive the DLC at the same time for no additional charge.

For now, this DLC doesn’t have a release date set as the development team has already made note that it will not be ready for January 25, 2019, the anniversary for when Celeste hit the marketplace. With that said, if you haven’t already picked up a copy of the game then you can do so right now for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and lastly, the Nintendo Switch.


[Source: Twitter]