New Marvel Games Twitter Image Suggests Upcoming Game Announcement

Marvel had a great year in the video game industry last year. Thanks to the release of Spider-Man from Insomniac Games there has been a bigger focus as of late for what’s to come next. Now the slightest change on any social media profiles is quickly examined and dissected by fans which is exactly what’s going on for the Marvel Games fan base. Marvel recently changed their Twitter profile image to show Marvel Games spelled out “Marvel G4mes” and it’s getting plenty of attention online, but the real question here is just what game will be announced next.

If you recall last week, Second Dinner, a development studio mainly consisted of former Blizzard Entertainment developers, revealed that they are working on a new Marvel title. A big chunk of the funding is coming from NetEase though there weren’t any real concrete details as to what the developers are working on. Instead, the development studio simply stated that it would be a Marvel video game and perhaps this image profile change on Twitter could be indicating that the game being worked on is a title focused Fantastic Four. However, there is equally strong prediction going around online that the title will be a new Marvel vs. Capcom title but again, these two are just predictions from the video game community online.

Really, there is no official word on just what the Second Dinner video game will be based on. Likewise, this logo change could be a title being developed completely new in comparison to the other series already in the works or established. At any rate, we’re going to wait until Marvel explains the logo change and if there is, in fact, a new installment to the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise or a Fantastic Four video game. While we wait for that official world to finally make its way online, would you like to see a fourth main installment to the Marvel Vs. Capcom series? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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