Former Blizzard Developers Will Release New Marvel Game

Marvel is a big name and over the years its had some success with the video game industry. Last year, however, was massive as Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games released into the market exclusively for the PlayStation 4. We shouldn’t have to tell you just how big of a hit this title was, so it doesn’t come to much surprise that even more content is being turned out from the company IPs. One new untitled release is in the works from a newcomer studio full of former employees of the behemoth that is Blizzard.

You may have recalled that the former head director of Hearthstone left the development studio taking a number of Blizzard employees with him. This was to create his own studio, an indie company known as Second Dinner and today we now know what the development studio is working on. Apparently, Second Dinner is getting a good chunk of funding from NetEase which totals about $30 million all of which will be used towards a new mobile title set within the Marvel universe.

This comes without saying that the Second Dinner team has moved into an office within California and started to hire the extra help required to build up the game. We’re not entirely sure just yet on what the game will be about so any news in terms of genre, story and of course release date has yet to be revealed. Some would speculate that since this team came from the immensely successful Hearthstone video game development then we could see another CCG game in the near future based around the mighty heroes and villains of the Marvel universe. That is purely speculation online, but there are already CCG titles available that would make it quite competitive to break into and Marvel already has gone into that market. At any rate, we’ll have to wait and see just what the development team has planned for us.

[Source: Kotkau]